Cooktop FAQs : Troubleshooting

Haier - Gas Burner Has Yellow or Uneven Flame

If one or more of your gas burners have a yellow or uneven flame:Verify that the burner cap is seated flat on top of the burner ring.An orange or yellow flame (instead of blue) can be dust in the gas lines, which will burn off after a few minutes; if the flame stays orange the range m...

Haier - Gas Burners Will Not Ignite

If one or more of the surface burners will not ignite or is difficult to ignite:Turn off power to the unit.Inspect the arc gap area at the burner for any debris or similar items which might be blocking the arc gap.Remove the debris and apply power to the unit.Also check the burners and the burn...

Haier - Electric Cooktop Not Cooking Properly

If the cooktop is not providing the desired cooking results:Use properly sized cookware that completely covers the heated portion of the surface unit.Use correct heat for task:High: To start cooking (if time allows, do not use high heat to start)Medium High: Quick browningMedium: Slow...

Haier - Burners Cooking Unevenly

While cooking on the cooktop, if the pot or pan gets hotter in one section than another, verify the base of the pan is not warped.  Make sure the pan has been placed over the center of the burner.

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