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Haier - Water at Bottom of New Dishwasher

This is normal. Each dishwasher is tested in the factory. The water you see is from that testing.

Haier - What Not to Wash in a Dishwasher

Do not wash anything that is not marked 'dishwasher proof' or 'dishwasher safe' in a dishwasher. Other items that should not be washed in a dishwasher include:Acrylic: Small cracks may occur.Adhesive-Joined Pieces: Adhesives that join materials such as plastic, wood, bone, steel, cop...

Does My Haier Appliance Have WiFi Capability?

Haier has smart appliances you can monitor or control using the SmartHQ App on your smartphone or hands-free with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant*.  To confirm your appliance has WiFi capability: Locate your model number on the Haier web site. To search for your model, type your model number in...

Haier - Water Damage Information

If your appliances have been exposed to water due to flooding, there could be danger of fire or electrical shock. Before you do anything else, first make sure power to the home or to the circuit breakers for the appliances are disconnected. Then unplug the appliances before touching or inspecting th...

Haier - Pre-Rinsing Items Before Loading Dishwasher

Dishes do not need to be pre-rinsed before being loaded into the dishwasher. Scrape of excess food, like food, fat, and bones but skip the pre-rinsing. Pre-rinsing dishes under running water also wastes a large amount of water per year.Most modern dishwashers are designed for food particle removal. ...

Haier - Dishwasher Rating Plate Location

The model and serial number is located on the product's rating plate. The most common location for the tag is at the rear of the unit. Other locations include:DishwashersInside the tub on the left side wall, next the lower rack.

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