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Freezer FAQs : Operation

Haier - Chest Freezer Lights

Your freezer will automatically maintain the temperature level you select. The temperature control dial has 7 settings, plus OFF. "1" is the warmest, "7" is the coldest, and turning the temperature dial to OFF shuts down the compressor. Set the dial to "4" and allow 24 ...

Haier - Chest Freezer Lock

Chest Freezers with a Lock and Key:  Store the freezer key in a location away from the freezer and not easily accessible to children. The freezer lock is spring loaded. The freezer key must be manually held in the lock to either lock or unlock the freezer.  To Lock/Unlock the Freezer: Close the fre...

Haier - Chest Freezer Defrost and Draining

Haier chest freezers are not self-defrosting (frost free) and may require occasional defrosting depending on use. Defrost whenever frost on the wall of the freezer becomes 1/4" thick. Do not use metal instruments to clear ice or frost from the freezer. To defrost:  Remove any food from the free...

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