Freezer FAQs : Operation

Haier - Freezer Temperature Setting

Your freezer will automatically maintain the temperature level you select. The temperature control dial has 7 settings, plus OFF. "1" is the warmest, "7" is the coldest, and turning the temperature dial to OFF shuts down the compressor. Set the dial to "4" and allow 24 hours to pass before adjusting...

Haier - Outside of Freezer Warm

This is normal. The freezer's design and main function is to remove heat from packages and air space inside the freezer. This heat is transferred to the room air, so the outside of the freezer may feel warm.

Haier - Freezer Use During or After Power Outage

In the case of a power outage a freezer full of frozen food will keep for about two days. A half full freezer will only stay frozen for about half a day. During the power outage, limit the amount of time the freezer is opened as any door openings will allow heat into the freezer.

Haier - Loading a Freezer

Tips for loading a chest freezer:Allow the freezer to cool 6 to 8 hours before filling with frozen food.Let the freezer cool overnight before adding large amounts of unfrozen food.Never add more than 2-3 pounds of unfrozen food per cubic foot of freezer space.When the freezer is first started, the c...

Haier - Chest and Upright Freezer Normal Sounds

It is normal for a freezer to make gurgling or bubbling noises. These sounds are a result of the refrigerant moving through the lines in the cooler. This sound may be amplified if the unit is in an enclosed space or on a wood floor.Clicking sounds as the temperature control cycles on and off is also...

Chest Freezer Buttons and Lights on the Controls

The two buttons next to the green light located on the outside of our chest freezers are not functional controls. We use a common design for our chest freezer controls.The green power light should be solid and not blinking. If your chest freezer lights are blinking, reset them by disconnecting ...

Haier - Chest Freezer Alarm Indicator Light

Chest freezers equipped with a RED indicator light:There is no audible alarm. The Alarm indicator light will illuminate (red) when the freezer is first plugged in, and will remain lit until the freezer interior temperature reaches approximately 7°F (-13.9°C) below the set temperature.Once the freeze...

Haier - Chest and Upright Freezer Power Interruptions

Occasionally there may be power interruptions due to thunderstorms or other causes. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet when a power outage occurs. When power has been restored, plug the unit back into the wall outlet.If the outage is for a prolonged period, inspect and discard spoiled or tha...

Haier - Refrigeration Power Consumption (Amps and Watts)

Refrigeration products use a higher amperage (wattage) momentarily at the time of compressor start-up than while they are running. The chart below lists the Start Up and Running amps and watts:  ModelDoor Swing  Start Up Amps/Watts Running Amps/WattsDD410...

Haier - Water Damage Information

If your appliances have been exposed to water due to flooding, there could be danger of fire or electrical shock. Before you do anything else, first make sure power to the home or to the circuit breakers for the appliances are disconnected. Then unplug the appliances before touching o...

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