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Microwave FAQs : Operation

Haier Smart Appliances - The Google Assistant

Use your Google Assistant* to take our suite of Haier Smart appliances to the next level with hands-free voice control. For more information on the Google Assistant, visit: Get Started with the Google Assistant.To confirm your appliance has WiFi capability, visit: Does My Haier Appliance Have WiFi C...

Haier Smart Appliances - Amazon Alexa

Use Amazon Alexa to Haier Smart Appliances to the next level with hands-free voice controls. To confirm your appliance can be connected to WiFi, visit: Does My Haier Appliance Have WiFi Capability?  For more information on Amazon Alexa devices, visit: Echo & Alexa Devices. Interact with your Sma...

Haier - Microwave Charcoal and Grease Filters

Grease FilterGrease filters are located on the underside of microwave oven. The grease filters should be removed and cleaned often; generally at least once every month.Remove the grease filter. Grasp the metal ring, slide the filter toward the back, and then gently pull the filter downward. Repeat f...

Haier - Microwave Sensor Cook and Sensor Reheat

Sensor CookThe Sensor Cook control automatically sets the appropriate cooking time calculated by sensing the moisture level of the food or beverage being cooked. The Sensor Cook control is programmed to cook the following items: Potato, Fresh Veggies, Frozen Veggies, Bacon, Frozen Dinner, Rice, Froz...

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