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Vent Hood FAQs : Tips

Haier - Exhausting Vent Hood to Attic, Crawl Space, or Garage

You should never exhaust the hood into spaces within walls, ceilings, attics, crawl spaces or garages. Thehumidity and grease collect in the space creating a fire hazard.

Haier - Filters for Recirculating Hoods

If the hood is not vented to the outside, it will recirculate the air back into the house. Special filters are required for recirculating hoods; these filters have charcoal grains which are used to absorb odors. It is important that the filter is replaced regularly. For filter installation and repla...

Does My Haier Appliance Have WiFi Capability?

Haier has smart appliances you can monitor or control using the SmartHQ App on your smartphone or hands-free with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant*.  To confirm your appliance has WiFi capability: Locate your model number on the Haier web site. To search for your model, type your model number in...

Haier - Ducted Versus Ductless Hoods

Ducted hoods, also known as vented hoods, require ductwork to draw the pollutants out of the home.Ductless hoods, also known as recirculating or un-vented hoods rely on charcoal filters that attract and capture odors before the air is expelled back into the kitchen. Ductless hoods will not eliminate...

Haier - Vent Hood Rating Plate Location

The model and serial number is located on the product's rating plate. The most common location for the tag is at the rear of the unit. Other locations include:HoodsUnder the filter. The filter must be removed to find the tag.

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