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Arctic Next Gen Series

Provides amazing comfort in extremely cold climates.

For zones with exceptionally harsh winters, the Arctic Next Gen mini split AC with heat pump ensures you stay warm even when temps get down to -31 degrees F. Our Next Gen series also includes Smart Sensors that adjust temps when no one is in the room to save energy. And each unit is Energy Star rated for year-round efficient heating and cooling.

Photo of Haier Ductless Single Zone Arctic Series Wall Mount AC Unit
Photo of Haier Ductless Single Zone Arctic Series Wall Mount AC Unit
Photo of Haier Ductless Single Zone Arctic Series Wall Mount AC Unit
Photo of an unoccupied finished basement room

Energy-Saving Smart Sensor

Our Next Gen series comes with Smart Sensor that senses when the room is unoccupied and adjusts the temp to save energy. It returns to the regular setting when you return to the room.

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Includes Built-In Wifi

You can control the settings on your Arctic Next Gen mini split AC unit from just about anywhere using our free, easy-to-use app on your mobile device.

Photo of family with child sitting inside home reading a book in front of winter window

Lowest Temp Heating Capacity

This unit is capable of providing 100% heating at 5 degrees F and still keeps your room toasty warm at -31 degrees F.

Features & Benefits

Smart Sensor Icon
Smart Sensor

Automatically changes to an energy-saving temp while you are away, then back to regular setting when you return

3D Airflow Icon
3D Airflow

Delivers air vertically and horizontally for even distribution throughout the room.

Long Distance Air Supply Icon
Long Distance Air Supply

Optimized fan motor and blower design enables up to 60 feet of air flow.

Quiet Mode Icon
Quiet Mode

Minimizes indoor noise while maintaining comfort levels

Warm Start Icon
Warm Start

Ensures the fan will not blow cold air during heating mode startup.

Turbo Mode Icon
Turbo Mode

Cools or heats the room quickly

Minus 31 Degrees F Heating Icon
-31 Degrees F Heating

Low ambient heating down to -31 degrees F (-35 degrees C)

Auto Louver Icon
Auto Louver

Adjusts airflow upward when cooling or downward when heating.

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