Woman sitting at a kitchen island, working on a watercolor painting. Window air conditioner is installed nearby.

Which Haier Room Air Conditioner Is Best for Your Space?

When you’re shopping for a room air conditioner, Haier appliances offers many options to cool your space. First, you’ll need to know what size space you need to cool and what type of room air conditioner works best for your room–either a window or a portable air conditioner option. Then, you can shop based on other convenient features you’re sure to love.

Window Room Air Conditioners

Window air conditioner installed in a window next to a bed, in a bedroom

Cooling Smaller Rooms

For small rooms, Haier offers window air conditioners from 5,000 to 6,200 BTUs for maximum cooling and comfort.

Person holding a Haier remote control for window air conditioner.

Remote Control

Front of window ac control panel showing the Eco Mode light is lit up.

Eco Mode

Person shown at sink washing the window AC filter.

Easy Filter Cleaning

Cooling Medium Rooms

If you have a medium sized room, our smart window air conditioners with 8,000 to 10,000 BTUs will provide cooling comfort for your space with the convenience of WiFi control.

Woman in a kitchen, telling her Amazon Alexa speaker,
Close-up of a hand holding a smart phone, with a display of the Smart H Q app on the screen.

Cooling Larger Rooms

For larger-sized rooms, Haier offers 12,000, and 14,000 BTU smart window AC units that provide maximum comfort with convenient features that make hot weather easier to handle.

Room with a portable air conditioner

Portable Units

Portable AC units are very easy to install—most have a simple kit that fits in your open window where the vent hose exhausts warm air. Because the hose is fairly small, portable air conditioners take up less window space; however, the actual unit must sit inside the room and does take up floor space. Homes with casement windows (windows that open side to side instead of up and down) can’t accommodate window AC units but may accept portable units. If you need an AC boost in an upstairs room or office, a portable unit may work great. Plus, you can always move it to another room when needed.

How to Choose The Right Window Air Conditioner For Your Room Size

Diagram for how to measure your room. Length times width equals square footage.
Find the AC unit that fits your cooling area. Small room, up to 6000 BTU. Medium room, up to 10000 BTU. Large room, up to 14000 BTU. Extra large room, up to 24000 BTU.

Stay Cool

It can be tough to stay cool. That's why Haier offers so many room air options. There's something for every living situation. From window units with built-in WiFi, to portable units with versatile porting. And even dehumidifiers that remove excess moisture, giving you complete peace of mind.

Portable Room Air Conditioners

Portable room air conditional positioned near a window in a sitting room. There is a vent connecting the air conditioner to the window.
Close up of a portable air conditioner

Portable Room Air Conditioners

Our Haier portable air conditioners are easy to set up, use, and move from room to room when needed.

To find a Haier room air conditioner unit to keep your space cool when the temperatures start to rise, shop our AC units today.