Haier refrigerator integrated handles

Integrated Handles
Mean Extra Space

Enjoy a sleek appearance with nothing extra to get hung up on. No handles means more space so installation is a piece of cake and your kitchen feels more spacious.

Haier refrigerator LED lighting and glass shelving

Glass Shelving & LED Lighting

Modern, adjustable glass shelves offer flexible storage solutions, and long-lasting, bright LED bulbs provide energy-efficient lighting, making it easy to see and organize your foods. Paired with an unexpected blue and gray accented interior, we've created refrigerators you'll love inside and out.

Forbes best french-door refrigerator under $2000

“The perfect French Door Refrigerator for the least amount of space and budget.”

Our 15 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator is listed as one of the best French Door Refrigerators for under $2000.

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