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Air Conditioner FAQs : Installation

Haier - Window Air Conditioner Do Not Leave in Window During Months

It is recommended to store the air conditioner in a climate controlled area during the winter months. Leaving the unit exposed to the winter elements and/or attempting to use the air conditioner during the winter could result in damage to the unit and void the warranty.

Haier - Portable Air Conditioner Drain Plug / Drain Hose

As the unit runs, it collects water. There is a slinger ring that picks up the water and flings it on the hot condenser so it can evaporate. If there is excess water (like in dehumidify mode), you can connect a garden hose to one of the drain ports on the back. Portable air conditioners with a singl...

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner 2-Way Piping Drain

2-Way Piping Drain on Ductless (Split Air) Air Conditioners allows the installer to drain the condensate from either the left or right side, making installation easier.

Haier - Air Conditioner Wall Sleeve HTTWSB

The HTTWSB is a wall sleeve designed for through-the-wall (built-in) air conditioner models/series: HTWR08HTWR10HTWR12 They come with the solid back panel that protects the opening before the air conditioner is installed (ex. pre-installed sleeves on a construction job site). It is removed and repla...

Haier - ADA/ANSI and UFAS Requirements

ADA/ANSI and UFAS Accessibility Guidelines (ADA/ANSI and UFAS are the same for all appliances except Refrigerators) REFRIGERATORS UFAS - Top Freezers and Side-by-Sides that Meet the Standard  Side Reach: If the clear floor space allows parallel approach by a person in a wheelchair, the maximum high ...

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