Air Conditioner FAQs : Tips

Haier - Warranty Coverage

For Haier Major AppliancesIn the unlikely event your product should develop a fault due to a manufacturing defect, the cost of any spare parts or labor required to correct the defect is fully covered within the warranty period. Haier appliances used in a moving vehicle (ex. RV, Semi truck, boat...

Haier - Portable Air Conditioner Preventing Insects

When the unit is being used, the exhaust air pressure will keep insects from entering through the exhaust hose. It is best practice to disconnect the Portable AC from the window opening and use the supplied cap when it is not being used.

Haier Model Number with a Dash and a Letter

The "- letter" (ex -L or -T) stands for the distribution channel (how or where it is sold). It doesn't mean anything as far as features go; it is just used for tracking and distribution purposes. 

Haier - Air Conditioner How to Cool Room Faster

There are steps you can take to help cool the room area faster:Make sure all the curtains in the room are closed; this will stop any sunlight from getting in.Close any doors or windows to reduce the square footage of the room being cooled.

Haier - Portable Air Conditioner Transporting

If it has been necessary to transport the portable air conditioner on its side, it should be stood upright for an equal amount of time as it was on its side before plugging it in. If it was on its side for more than a day, leave standing for 24 hours before running. If it was laying on its side just...

Haier - Scheduling Service

To schedule service on Haier branded appliances in the U.S., contact Haier Appliances at 1-877-337-3639 or visit to request a service appointment.

Haier - Space Heater as Main Source of Heat

Portable electric heaters (space heaters) are intended for supplemental heating only; they are not intended to replace central heating systems.

Haier - Shocked by Appliance

If you are shocked by a Haier brand appliance, discontinue using the appliance and contact service. Turn off the appliance at the circuit breaker or unplug the unit.Contact Haier at 1-877-337-3639 or visit to arrange service. 

Haier - Window Air Conditioner Transporting

It is best to transport the air conditioner upright. If it necessary to transport the air conditioner on its side, it should be stood upright and unplugged for an equal amount of time as it was on its side. If on its side for more than a day, leave standing upright and unplugged for 24 hours.Note: I...

Haier - Window Air Conditioner Power Interruption

All Haier window air conditioners have Auto Restart, which means they will turn back on and start cooling at the same settings after a power outage. On mechanical models, they will not turn back on if the knob is turned to Off.

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