Cooktop FAQs : Operation

Haier - Electric Cooktop Recommended Settings

All these settings are recommended without the element being preheated. A range of heat settings is listed because the actual setting depends on:Type and quality of panType, quantity and temperature of the foodElement used and cook’s preferences Type of Food Heat Setting Melting butte...

Haier - Range Power Interruption

In the event of a power failure, all settings, including the time display, will be lost.Ranges and cooktops with gas surface burners:In case of prolonged power failure, the surface burners can be lit manually. Hold a lit match near a burner and turn knob counterclockwise until the indicator is ...

Haier - Gas Burners Clicking

If the burners are clicking continuously, verify the knobs are not in the ignite position. Rotate the knobs to ensure the selector is not stuck. When one burner is set to ignite, all igniters turn on.

Haier - Electric Cooktop Heating Elements Turn Off and On

In order to maintain a set temperature, it is normal for radiant elements to cycle on and off (glow red and then go dark) during operation. 

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