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Haier - Dehumidifier New Installation Bucket Full Light On

When the unit is turned on, the Bucket Full light may be lit. Remove the bucket and put it back in, making sure it is pushed properly into place. The Bucket Full light will then shut off.

Haier - Dehumidifier Displaying an Error Code

If your dehumidifier is displaying a message or code, check the following:Code   Description/Reason  Solution ONAudible alert is enabled.When the water reservoir is full, the red Bucket Full indicator will flash an alert will signal 5 times every fifteen minutes until the reservoir is emptied.Press ...

Haier - Dehumidifier Air Temperature Warm Around Unit

It is normal for the surrounding air to become slightly warmer as the dehumidifier operates. The dehumidifier also puts out warm air while operating, which is normal.

Haier - Dehumidifier Odor

A dehumidifier by itself will not produce any form of smell. Usually any smell that emits from the unit will be something that is recycled from the room itself.

Haier - Dehumidifier Energy Star

To determine whether a Haier dehumidifier is Energy Star qualified, visit the Energy Star website: Energy Star Certified DehumidifiersIf a model is not on the Energy Star web site, it is not Energy Star qualified.

Haier - Dehumidifier Power Interruption

All Haier dehumidifiers have Auto Restart, which means they will turn back on and start dehumidifying at the same settings after a power outage.

Haier - Dehumidifier Check Filter Indicator

The Check Filter indicator will flash when the filter needs to be cleaned. Clean the filter and press Filter Reset to reset the filter indicator.To clean the filter:Turn off and unplug the unit.Remove the filter by grasping the filter handle and pulling straight out. It will slide out easily. Never ...

Haier - Dehumidifier Power Consumption

Dehumidifiers use a higher amperage (wattage) momentarily at the time of compressor start-up than while they are running. The chart below lists the Start Up and Running amps and watts:   ModelWattageMax Amp DrawRunning Amp Draw30 pint 450 9.6 4.232 pint 340 12.8 5.645 pint 480 9.6 4.250 pint 550 10....

Haier - Dehumidifier Rating Plate Location

The model and serial number is located on the product's rating plate. The most common location for the tag on a dehumidifier is at the rear of the unit.

Haier - Dehumidifier Fan Operation

On some Haier dehumidifier models, the fan cycles on and off when the compressor cycles. The fan and compressor run together and shut off together. Factors that could affect the dehumidifier fan operation are humidity levels and dirty air filter. Consult your Owner's Manual for cleaning direc...

Haier - Dehumidifier Not Reaching Proper Relative Humidity Level

Check the following if the relative humidity setting is not being reached after a long period of operation:When first installed, allow at least 3-4 days to remove moisture from the room to maintain the desired dryness. The unit is dehumidifying the air as well as the moisture from walls and objects ...

Haier - Dehumidifier Normal Sounds

When the dehumidifier is working normal, you may hear sounds or noises like:Compressor sounds, which may be loud. This is normal.Clicking sounds when the dehumidifier or compressor turns off and on, and when the Automatic Shutoff Switch is working.Air movement from the fan.

Haier - Dehumidifier GFI / GCFI Plug Issues

Haier dehumidifiers have a leakage current detection interrupter device (LCDI), also referred to as a GFI/GFCI plug. If a problem occurs with the unit or with the electrical supply, the Reset button on the plug may pop out (trip). This will cause the unit to stop running.If the Reset button pops out...

Haier - Dehumidifier Smart Dry Setting

The Smart Dry setting compares the humidity level with the actual humidity level and adjust the fan speed accordingly. There are two fan speeds levels.

Haier - Dehumidifier Ideal Humidity Setting

Ideally 40% humidity is best for healthy breathing; however depending on the room environment you might find a slightly higher humidity percentage will be a better balance of comfort and efficiency.

Haier - Dehumidifier Timer Option

If the dehumidifier has a Timer feature, the unit can be set to turn on or off after a set amount of time. If the unit is ON, it can be set to turn off a set number of hours. By the same token, if it is OFF, it can be programmed to come on in a certain amount of hours. The Timer feature does not all...

Haier - Dehumidifier Draining Options

There are two ways to remove water from the tank (bucket):Empty the Tank ManuallyWhen the water tank is full, the red Bucket Full indicator light will come on.Turn the power off to the dehumidifier.Wait several minutes to allow the water to stop dripping from the coils into the tank.Use both handles...

Haier - Dehumidifier Frost or Ice on Coils

When the temperature goes below 60 degrees F, frost or ice can form on the coils, which prevents moisture removal. When the room temperature falls below 60F, the unit will go into an Auto Defrost (electronic controls) or Auto Frost (knob controls) mode to remove frost from the coils before starting ...

Haier - Dehumidifier Not Running

If the dehumidifier is not working or coming on, check  the following:Make sure the plug is pushed completely into the outlet.Check the power outlet to ensure it is working properly by plugging another item into the outlet. Also check the house fuse/circuit breaker.The bucket may be full. The unit w...

Haier - Dehumidifier Electrical Requirements

The dehumidifier should be plugged into a 15 amp, properly grounded 3-prong 115 volt outlet. Do not use an extension cord, plug adapter, surge protector or multi-outlet adapter. It should be used on a dedicated circuit and plugged directly into a grounded 3-prong outlet.

Haier - Dehumidifier Not Collecting Water

If the dehumidifier is not collecting water, the unit is not operating properly. Try to reset the dehumidifier by disconnecting power for 30 seconds and re-connecting the power. If the unit is still not collecting water, please refer to the model's warranty located in the Owner's Manual. Dow...

Haier - Dehumidifier Operation

A dehumidifier works in a very similar manner to an air conditioner. The unit draws air across a set of refrigerated coils called a condenser. Moisture in the warm air collects on the cooled coils and drips down into the collection tray.The best way to verify operation is to compare the temperature ...

Haier - Shocked by Appliance

If you are shocked by a Haier brand appliance, discontinue using the appliance and contact service. Turn off the appliance at the circuit breaker or unplug the unit. Contact Haier at 1-877-337-3639 or visit http://www.haieramerica.com/service/repair-request to arrange service.

Haier - Dehumidifier Not Draining Properly

If the dehumidifier is not draining properly check the following:Inspect the reservoir for anything that might be blocking the drain process.Ensure that you are using a hose no longer than five feet.Ensure that the hose is draining down into a drain in the floor.Verify the end of the drain hose is l...

Haier - Dehumidifier Audible Signal

The Bucket Full audible signal indicates that the water tank (bucket) needs to be emptied. It can be turned on or off by pressing the Signal button. The default setting is ON. When the tank is full, the red Bucket Full indicator light will blink and the alarm will signal 5 times every 15 minutes.To ...

Haier - Dehumidifier Refrigerant

Haier dehumidifiers use earth friendly R-410A refrigerant.

Haier - Dehumidifier Exhaust Air Warm

This is normal and part of the dehumidification process. When the unit is dehumidifying the compressor is working generating heat. In order to avoid having the compressor overheat, air is drawn by the compressor at a rapid rate and the heat is then transferred to the air which must be exhaust from t...

Haier - Dehumidifier Dehumidifying More Than One Room

A dehumidifier may dehumidify more than one room if there is an opening between the 2 rooms.  It might take longer for the unit to remove the humidity in the rooms.If the unit is in the basement, the dehumidifier will have little or no effect in drying an adjacent enclosed storage area, such as a cl...

Haier - Dehumidifier Location

For best humidity removal, placement of the unit does not matter since the humidity is equalized throughout the room; however placing the unit in the center of the room will get the room dehumidified faster.Place the dehumidifier in a location that does not restrict airflow into the front coil or ou...

Haier - Dehumidifier Not Operating Properly in Cold Room Temperatures

Dehumidifiers do not work well when the air temperature is lower than 40 degrees F. They rely on having a surface that is colder than the air to attract humidity. If the air temperature is below 40F the unit cannot get cold enough to attract moisture at the same rate that it does when the air temper...

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