Dishwasher FAQs : Troubleshooting

Haier - Water Leaking from the Dishwasher Door

Water leakage may be caused by the following:Incorrect detergent may have been used. Use automatic dishwasher detergents, not dish detergents.Door seal could have pulled away. The door seal may have been caught on dishes that extend beyond the sides of the dishwasher rack. Push the seal back into pl...

Haier - Dishwasher Detergent Stuck in Dispenser

Detergent may be old, discard it and use fresh detergent. Store detergent in a cool, dry place.

Haier - Dishwasher Vibration or Noise

If the dishwasher is vibrating while running:Check the mounting screws and make sure the dishwasher is secured to the cabinet properly.Verify that the dishwasher is properly leveled.For other sounds:Check the rotating arm to make sure it is not hitting any items in the trays.

Haier WiFi Connect Dishwasher - Set-Up Troubleshooting

For help connecting your WiFi Connect Dishwasher: Haier WiFi Connect Dishwasher - Set-Up Optional WiFi Connect with ConnectPlus / U+ Connect If you have difficulty with the set-up process when connecting your WiFi Connect dishwasher to your WiFi:Wrong Password You may have entered the wrong applianc...

Haier Dishwasher - 999 Error Code Appears in Display

If  a 999 Error Code appears in the display panel of the Haier QDT125SSL dishwasher, the control will need to be reset. You may also see the display flashing. If this error occurs, the dishwasher won't start or run. To clear the code:Simultaneously press and hold Cycle Select and Star...

Haier - Dishwasher Will Not Drain

If the dishwasher is new and hasn't been used, the water is from testing at the factory. Each new dishwasher is tested before being shipped. It is also normal to have a small amount of water around the filter after wash cycle. This keeps the pump seals lubricated. If the bottom of the dishwashe...

Haier - Dishwasher Does Not Start

A dishwasher may not start due to the following reasons:On some models, it is normal for most cycles to pause for 5 minutes near the start of the cycle to let the dishes soak.It is also normal for certain cycles to repeatedly pause for 15 to 65 seconds during the main wash.Door may not be prope...

Haier - Dishwasher Spray Arm Not Turning

If the spray arm is not rotating, items in the dishwasher racks could be touching the arm. Make sure the arm can spin freely before starting the wash program. Also check the water jet holes in the ends of the arm to make sure they are not blocked with food.

Haier - Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes Fully

If dishes and silverware are not drying properly:Make sure that the Air Dry cycle is not selected. This turns off Heated Dry.Plastic items do not dry as completely as other items and may still be wet at the end of the dry cycle. This is normal.Check your rinse aid setting and adjust the rinse aid se...

Haier - Scratches on Appliances

There two types of finishes on our appliances: Stainless Steel: Uncoated stainless steel.  Baked-On Porcelain: High quality porcelain enamel that is powder coated and baked on. Found on Black and White models. Scratches on Non-Stainless Finishes To keep your appliance looking new and ...

Haier - Dishwasher Not Filling With Water

If the dishwasher is not filling with water:Verify whether Delay Start is selected. Cancel delay start or wait until delay is complete.Make sure the water supply valve is open. It is typically located under the kitchen sink.Ensure that the water supply line has no kinks or clogs.Check the household ...

Haier - Dishes Not Getting Clean in Dishwasher

If your dishes are not getting cleaned well or have remnants of food stuck to the dishes, glasses, or cutlery, first make sure make sure the dishwasher was loaded properly. If the jets on the spray are blocked, water may not reach all parts of the dishes. etc.Causes for blocked jets are:Too many ite...

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