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Ductless Heating & Cooling System FAQs : Features

Haier Smart Appliances - Integrations

Having smart appliances allows you several new avenues for controlling and monitoring your appliances through strategic integrations designed to enhance your ownership experience and make life easier. Connected for convenience, peace of mind and the future. Once connected to our SmartHQ app, you can...

Haier - Air Conditioner BTU Defined

One British Thermal Unit (BTU) represents the amount of heat required to raise or lower the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. The heat extracted from your home by an air conditioner is measured in BTUs.

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner Multi-Zone Systems

Haier multi-zone ductless (split air) systems let you design ultra-customized HVAC solutions for virtually any project. New residential spaces, older home renovations and many businesses can benefit from multi zone ductless air conditioning and heating systems. These flexible ductless mini split sys...

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner Blue Fin Coating

Blue Fin coating is used on both the indoor and outdoor coils of ductless (split air) air conditioners. This coating provides treatment for the coils, improving condensation flow and providing protection to the coil material.

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner Timer Function

The TIMER can be set to turn the unit on and/or off after a certain amount of time (.5 hrs up to 24 hours). The TIMER can be set to Start and Stop or Stop and then Start.Timer ON ButtonOn-Off Operation:Start the unit and select the desired operating mode (except SLEEP mode)Press the TIMER ON button...

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner Single-Zone Systems

When you have one room in your home or business that is always too hot or too cool, we have the solution. Our single zone ductless air systems even out the temperatures and keep you comfy. They re great for attic spaces, bonus rooms, garages, basements and add-ons. Find Single Zone Ductless Heat Pum...

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner Compressor

Twin Brushless DC Rotary Compressor:The two-cylinder design has a larger capacity and gives better balance than a single rotary design reducing vibration by 80% while producing uniform torque for greater efficiency on ductless (split air) air conditioners.

Haier - Air Conditioner EER, CEER, and SEER

EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) is a measure of how efficiently a cooling system will operate when the outdoor temperature is at a specific level. The higher the EER, the more efficient the system. It is calculated by dividing the cooling capacity in BTUs per hour (BTUH) by the power input in watts. E...

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner Auto Changeover

AUTO Changeover automatically alternates from heating to cooling to maintain the set temperature on Ductless (Split Air) Air Conditioners.

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner Fan / Blower Design

For our indoor ductless (split air) units, we lengthened the cross-flow fan and enlarged inlet/outlet openings to increase air volume allowing us to create airflow strong enough to travel up to 60 feet. On our outdoor ductless units, the improved fan blade design allows them to run at lower ambient ...

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner Freeze Protection

To prevent freezing of the indoor unit coil during cool mode, when the compressor operates continuously for 10 seconds and the temperature of the indoor coil has been below 32 F for 10 seconds, the compressor will stop, and the error will be recorded in the malfunction list.The indoor unit fan will ...

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner Wall Unit Display Turns Off

If the wall unit display turns off after making a selection with the remote control, the display can be set to stay on. On the ductless (split air) remote control, press the "light" button to return the wall unit display to being constantly lit. The "light" button feature is used...

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner Self-Cleaning Evaporator

With the Self-Cleaning Evaporator on Ductless (Split Air) Air Conditioners, dust that accumulates on the evaporator will be removed by flowing water.

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner Tubing

Inner-Grooved Copper Tubing:The inside surface of Haier copper tubing is grooved with inner slots to enlarge the contact surface area increasing heat efficiency exchange by 30-50% on ductless (split air) air conditioners.

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner SLEEP Mode

The benefit of SLEEP mode is that it raises or lowers the room temperature throughout the night, making sure it is never too hot or too cold, all while also saving you significant energy.SLEEP mode during COOL, DRY modes:One hour after SLEEP mode starts, the temperature will rise 2 F above set tempe...

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner Inverter

180 Sine Wave DC Inverter:Using a new pulse amplitude modulation technology ( A-PAM ), the 180 sine wave DC inverter on ductless (split air) air conditioners allows for greater stability at low frequencies and greater power at high frequencies all while improving cooling efficiency over existing s...

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner 2-Way Piping Drain

2-Way Piping Drain on Ductless (Split Air) Air Conditioners allows the installer to drain the condensate from either the left or right side, making installation easier.

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner Health Button on Remote

On ductless (split air) systems, the remote has a "Health" button. This feature is for other markets and is not applicable on North America models.If the Health button is accidentally pressed, an icon (may look a Christmas tree on some models) will appear on the display. Press the Health b...

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner Airflow Features

Airflow Features on Ductless (Split Air) Air Conditioners:3D Airflow - delivers air vertically and horizontally for even distribution throughout the room.Auto-Louver Airflow - automatically adjusts air flow upward when cooling, or downward when heating.

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner Symbols on Remote

Indoor mini-split ductless units are controlled by a wireless remote control. The remote will show whether the unit is in Cool, Heat, Fan, or Dry/Dehumidify mode by displaying a symbol (icon) at the top of the remote display.Cool Mode: Snowflake symbol Heat Mode: Sun symbolFan Mode: Fan symbol (circ...

Haier - Ductless Air Conditioner Wind Baffle Free

Using a FlexFit 12,000 BTU or 18,000 BTU outdoor unit in a single-zone configuration, you can cool in ambient temperatures down to 0 F without the use of a wind baffle. However, wind baffles improve unit efficiency in low ambient conditions by decreasing subcooling and improving capacity, making the...

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