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Haier - Vent Hood Sizing

The size of your range hood depends on the size of your range or cooktop. Your hood should be equal toor greater in width than your cooking surface.

Haier - Cleaning Electric Cooktop Surface

To clean a ceramic glass electric cooktop:Make sure your stove is completely cool before starting the cleaning process.Once you are certain your stove is cool, wipe down the entire stovetop with a sponge and warm soapy water.Gently scrub off as much of the visible grime and loose pieces of food as y...

Haier - Electric Cooktop Heating Elements Turn Off and On

In order to maintain a set temperature, it is normal for radiant elements to cycle on and off (glow red and then go dark) during operation.

Haier - Electric Cooktop Not Cooking Properly

If the cooktop is not providing the desired cooking results:Use properly sized cookware that completely covers the heated portion of the surface unit.Use correct heat for task:High: To start cooking (if time allows, do not use high heat to start)Medium High: Quick browningMedium: Slow fryingLow: War...

Haier - Oven Cycles On and Off While Cooking

The electric bake and broil elements or gas glo-bars will cycle on and off as the oven temperature rises above and falls below the desired temperature.

Haier - Cleaning Stainless Cooktop Surface

To clean stainless surfaces on the cooktop:Wash the surfaces with warm, soapy water using liquid detergent and a nonabrasive sponge.Always rub evenly in the direction of the grain.Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.If necessary apply some stainless steel polish. Use a clean,...

Haier - Gas Range Broiling

Do not leave the oven door open for broiling. The oven door should be closed while broiling to prevent excessive heat loss.

Haier - Cookware for Electric Radiant Burners

Medium or heavy-weight cookware with flat bottoms are recommended for best performance. Verify the bottom is smooth to prevent surface scratches. Pans that are not flat may scratch or crack the glass.Cookware recommendations for smooth surface cooktops:Stainless Steel or Heavy-Weight Aluminum is bes...

Haier - Burners Cooking Unevenly

While cooking on the cooktop, if the pot or pan gets hotter in one section than another, verify the base of the pan is not warped.  Make sure the pan has been placed over the center of the burner.

Haier - Oven Racks Not Sliding Smoothly

If the oven racks are no longer sliding easily, apply a few drops of cooking oil to the sides of the racks to lubricate them.

Haier - ADA/ANSI and UFAS Requirements

ADA/ANSI and UFAS Accessibility Guidelines (ADA/ANSI and UFAS are the same for all appliances except Refrigerators) REFRIGERATORS UFAS - Top Freezers and Side-by-Sides that Meet the Standard  Side Reach: If the clear floor space allows parallel approach by a person in a wheelchair, the maximum high ...

Haier - Gas Cooktop LP Use

Gas cooktops are sold with the required hardware to support both natural and LP gases.

Haier - Oven is Locked

The oven will lock automatically when self-cleaning mode is activated. Should the oven lock during baking inadvertently, turn the oven off and allow the range to cool to room temperature. Once cool, reset it again to your desired baking temperature.

Haier - Gas Burners Clicking

If the burners are clicking continuously, verify the knobs are not in the ignite position. Rotate the knobs to ensure the selector is not stuck. When one burner is set to ignite, all igniters turn on.

Haier - Range Sabbath Mode and Auto Shut Down

Haier 24" freestanding ranges does not have a Sabbath Mode; however, the oven does not shut down automatically after 12 hours, sot he oven can be used for extended periods of time.

Haier - Stainless Wall Oven or Range Cleaning

To clean your stainless steel range:Do a preliminary clean of your appliance with vinegar: Spray your appliance liberally with vinegar and use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth to wipe the vinegar off.Rub in the direction of the grain. Wiping across the striations can cause scratches to appear.Simil...

Haier - Wall Ovens & Ranges 12-Hour Automatic Oven Shut Off

Most ovens and ranges with touch pad clock controls will automatically shut off after 12 hours. The benefit of this is the peace-of-mind and energy savings if the oven is accidentally left on. Models with no clock or timer do not have automatic shutdown. This feature can be deactivated if the oven n...

Haier - Gas Burners Will Not Ignite

If one or more of the surface burners will not ignite or is difficult to ignite:Turn off power to the unit.Inspect the arc gap area at the burner for any debris or similar items which might be blocking the arc gap.Remove the debris and apply power to the unit.Also check the burners and the burner ca...

Haier - Water Damage Information

If your appliances have been exposed to water due to flooding, there could be danger of fire or electrical shock. Before you do anything else, first make sure power to the home or to the circuit breakers for the appliances are disconnected. Then unplug the appliances before touching or inspecting th...

Haier - Oven Temperature Incorrect

If the oven temperature in a range or wall oven does not seem to be correct or if food is not cooking properly, check the following:Make sure the oven preheated, especially when baking. Failing to preheat the oven can seriously affect the cooking results. Preheat takes approximately 10 minutes. Veri...

Haier - Custom and Side Panel Options

Haier Appliances come in white, black, stainless steel, or platinum (not all colors available on all models). There are not custom panel options for the doors and there are not side panels available.

Haier - Gas Burner Has Yellow or Uneven Flame

If one or more of your gas burners have a yellow or uneven flame:Verify that the burner cap is seated flat on top of the burner ring.An orange or yellow flame (instead of blue) can be dust in the gas lines, which will burn off after a few minutes; if the flame stays orange the range might be configu...

Haier - Range Fan Stays on

There is a cooling fan that will continue to run after oven is turned off. The fan turns off automatically when the electronic components have cooled sufficiently

Haier - Range Power Interruption

In the event of a power failure, all settings, including the time display, will be lost.Ranges and cooktops with gas surface burners:In case of prolonged power failure, the surface burners can be lit manually. Hold a lit match near a burner and turn knob counterclockwise until the indicator is align...

Haier - Gas Burners and Grates Cleaning

Grates can be cleaned in the dishwasher, however after cleaning it is a good idea to apply a small amount of cooking oil to the grate then bake the grate in an oven at 350F for 10 minutes. This baking process protects the finish of the grate.Burners can be cleaned with vinegar or ammonia. Do not use...

Haier - Oven Interior is Chipping

If the porcelain enamel interior is chipped, it may have been bumped by the oven racks. When removing and replacing oven racks, always tilt racks upward and do not force them to avoid chipping the porcelain.

Haier - Scratches on Appliances

There two types of finishes on our appliances:  Stainless Steel: Uncoated stainless steel.  Baked-On Porcelain: High quality porcelain enamel that is powder coated and baked on. Found on Black and White models.  Scratches on Non-Stainless Finishes  To keep your appliance looking new and provide pro...

Haier - Range Convection Cooking

Conventional versus Convection:In a conventional oven: The heat sources cycle on and off to maintain an average temperature in the oven cavity. As the temperature gradually rises and falls, gentle air currents are produced within the oven. This natural convection tends to be inefficient because the ...

Haier - Ranges 12 Hour Shutdown

Haier freestanding gas, electric, and dual fuel ranges do not have a 12-hr shutdown. They will stay on until turned off.

Haier - Scheduling Service

To schedule service on Haier branded appliances in the U.S., contact Haier Appliances at 1-877-337-3639 or visit https://www.haierappliances.com/support/schedule-service to request a service appointment.

Haier - Oven Cooking Too Fast or Too Slow

If the oven temperature in your range or wall oven is cooking too slowly or too fast, the oven may need to be calibrated.  You can easily calibrate your oven temperature by following the instructions in your owner's manual. See the "Adjust the Oven Thermostat" section. We recommend mak...

Haier - Cooking Products Rating Plate Location

The model and serial number is located on the product's rating plate. The most common location for the tag is at the rear of the unit. Other locations include:Electric RangesOn the front frame on the top left side, just inside the oven cavity.Gas RangesFacing the back of the range, at the top ri...

Haier - Top of Range is Hot

If the top of the range is hot while the oven is in use, there is a vent on the oven that vents steam and heat that can transfer to the cooktop surface. Make sure this is not blocked on the cooktop.If the surface is hot while using the burners, check the size of the pan being used. An oversized pan ...

Haier - Range Anti-Tip Bracket

The anti-tip bracket is required to ensure safe operation of the range and must be installed. It provides protection when excess force or weight is applied to the open oven door.

Haier - Warranty Coverage

For Haier Major Appliances In the unlikely event your product should develop a fault due to a manufacturing defect, the cost of any spare parts or labor required to correct the defect is fully covered within the warranty period.  Haier appliances used in a moving vehicle (ex. RV, Semi truck, boat, e...

Haier - Range Cleaning Exterior

Before cleaning, make sure all controls are off and the oven and cooktop are cool. Always follow label instructions on cleaning products. Soap, water and a soft cloth or sponge are suggested first unless otherwise noted. Do not use abrasive cleaning products.Exterior Porcelain Enameled Surfaces:Clea...

Haier - Range Setting the Clock and Timer

The range has a digital display and 12-hour clock with 3 Control buttons (Decrease Time, Function, Increase Time)Time of DayPress the up arrow or down arrow until the correct time is displayed.After 5 seconds, the clock will start automatically, or you can press the function button to select manual ...

Haier - Range Replacing Oven Light

Make sure the oven and lights are cool and power to the oven has been turned off before replacing the light bulb. The light bulb in your oven is Type: E 14, 220-240V and 25W. You must replace this bulb with an appliance bulb of the same type, voltage and wattage.To Replace the Light Bulb: Make sure ...

Haier - Wok Ring

Haier gas ranges come with a Wok Ring accessory that can be used with both flat and round bottomed pans.

Haier - Gas Range Preheat

Preheating is very important when baking, especially items with short cooking times, such as cakes, cookies, biscuits and other pastries. Although preheating is not needed for meats, poultry, casseroles, when roasting or when cooking complete meals, it is recommended.Haier gas ranges automatically s...

Haier - Range Gas Burner Pan Sizing

For lower gas consumption and a better result, use flat-bottomed saucepans with a diameter matching the diameter of the burner. Avoid the flame coming up around the sides of the saucepan. Recommendations:As soon as liquid starts to boil, turn the flame down to a level sufficient to maintain boiling....

Haier - Steam or Smoke from Electric Range

If there is smoke or steam coming out of the oven, this can be normal. There is a vent on the oven, and depending on the item being cooked, it can be normal to see steam and vapors coming from the oven vent during baking or roasting.It is also normal for heat to transfer from the vent to the cooktop...

Haier - Range Cleaning Interior

Before cleaning, make sure all controls are off and the oven and cooktop are cool. Always follow label instructions on cleaning products. Soap, water and a soft cloth or sponge are suggested first unless otherwise noted. Do not use abrasive cleaning products.Oven Cavity Cleaning Method: Mild deterge...

Haier - Range Oven Modes

The Thermostat knob and Control knob are used together to select Oven Modes.Thermostat: Select the cooking temperature by turning the knob clockwise to the required temperature, between 150°F and Broil. The light will come on when the oven is preheating. The light will turn off when the desired temp...

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