If you are buying your appliances from our site you'll need to know what our Installation Services cover:


What Is Covered with Installation


If installation is available for the appliance you order we will deliver and install it in any location in your home. Our delivery agents will disconnect your existing appliance and move it to another room or haul it away to be reclaimed through a regional recycling program. We just ask that you make sure the appliance has been emptied.


As part of installation our trained authorized delivery agents will uncrate and inspect all appliances in your order. Your appliances will be set in place leveled and connected to an existing proper power source. We will also test to make sure they are ready for use.


Installation covers connecting the new appliance to water electrical and gas. With many appliances there are parts required to complete the installation. If parts are necessary for installation they will automatically be included with your order at no cost to you. These include:


  • Refrigerator water lines

  • Washer inlet hoses

  • Gas appliance connection kits

  • Dryer ducts

  • Dishwasher connection kits

  • Electric range and electric dryer power cords

  • Anti-tip brackets (included with the appliance)


Our delivery agents will not connect a new appliance to existing previously used hoses water connections and power cords.


Installation of the anti-tip bracket for ranges and built-in/counter-depth refrigerators is required for installation by our delivery agents. If you refuse to have the anti-tip installed they will place the appliance in another room of the house.


If you purchase a laundry pair that needs to be stacked or placed on pedestals be sure to purchase the washer/dryer stacking kit or pedestals so that our delivery agents can install them together. They can only stack them or attach pedestals at the time of installation.


Please note that appliance hook up services and cost may vary by state or local area. Installation may require the help of outside professionals or accrue an extra cost for installation based on your location or product. Installation can be performed only where local code allows – in some locations local code prohibits non-professionals from performing installations. When purchasing on our site the installation availability in your area will be displayed.


What is Not Included with Installation


We currently do not install cooktops disposers trash compactors vent hoods & downdraft systems water heaters water softeners water filtration countertop microwaves small appliances dehumidifiers room air conditioners and accessories like trim kits. We will deliver these items; however installation and haul away of the existing appliance is not available.


All electrical outlets gas shut off values water supply and shut off valves venting sources and cabinetry must be available and compliant at the time of delivery to complete any purchased installation options. Delivery agents are not authorized to perform carpentry plumbing or electrical work in your home.


If there is an installation issue with the cabinets gas electric or plumbing the product will not be installed. The delivery agent can either take the product back or leave the product in the room of your choice while you have the issue corrected. Our delivery agent will work with you directly to schedule a time to come back out and complete the installation.


Possible reasons for an incomplete installation:


  • Product will not fit through the pathways in the home and/or the product installation location

  • Proper electrical outlets not available

  • Gas shut off valves not available

  • Water supply and shut off valves not available

  • Venting sources are not available

  • Corroded pipes

  • Unsafe wire connections

  • Liquid propane gas source (must be natural gas source)

  • Cabinetry\" countertop tile or elevated floor concerns

  • Pedestals and stacking kits can only be installed when delivered with washer/dryer units.

  • If the installation instructions for the appliance requires an anti-tip bracket\" the delivery agent(s) will not install the appliance without the anti-tip bracket. If you refuse to have the anti-tip installed they will place the appliance in another room of the house.

  • Refrigerators will be installed but will not be connected to the water supply if the water shut off valve is incorrect\" inoperable or not installed. Once the water shut off valve is corrected the water line can be installed.

  • Gas appliances will be left at the home but not installed if the gas shut off valve is incorrect\" inoperable or not installed. Once the gas shut off valve is corrected the dryer can be installed.


If the uninstalled appliance is uncrated (removed from the box) the delivery agents will inspect it for damage.