When you connect your Haier smart appliances, you have several ways to easily control your Haier appliances using strategic integrations designed to enhance your ownership experience. Once connected to our SmartHQ™ app, you can take your hands-free experience to another level by making connections with third party integrations:


Voice Control


Amazon Alexa


The Google Assistant*





  • Connecting Bose smart speakers will allow you to receive notifications about your Haier smart appliances.





  • The Fresco app and neutral, cross-brand platform–the KitchenOS–can control your smart wall oven or range to make cooking at home seamless. You can preheat your oven and set the cook timer right from the Fresco app.

  • Learn more at frescocooks.com.



  • The Innit smart assistant app is a major leap forward from the traditional and one-dimensional recipe format. The Innit app addresses all four phases of daily meal logistics - planning, shopping, preparing, and cooking - and assists home cooks with each phase through a seamless system that builds confidence in the kitchen. The Innit app can control your smart wall oven or range by turning it on and off at the appropriate time, send custom instructions to ensure optimal cooking, and notify you when your meal is ready.

  • Download the Innit app and follow the instructions to connect your smart cooking product. Learn more at: Innit.


Convenience & Security


IFTTT (If This/Then That)

  • Take your connected appliances further using IFTTT, a free web service that allows you to create "if this/then that" connections (recipes) between various apps and WiFi enabled products, including your smart GE Appliances. As an example, create a recipe that says: IF the dryer cycle is complete THEN the kitchen light will blink.

  • Learn more about IFTTT, visit: Haier Smart GE Appliances - IFTTT.