When you have a Haier  appliance delivered and installed the delivery agent will take care of leveling the appliance connecting it to power water venting or gas (if local codes allow) and testing the appliance to ensure it works properly. Before your appliance is delivered you’ll want to make a few preparations.

Make sure you have an unloading zone cleared within 30 feet of the home.

Address any access restrictions:  gate pass doorman security guard specific delivery times etc.

Obtain required parking pass and reserve parking space if applicable.

Have someone who is 18 years old or older present at all times.

Secure all pets behind closed doors prior to the delivery agent's arrival.

Clear the pathway (sidewalks hallways doorways stairs).

To complete the installation all electrical outlets water and gas supply and shut off valves venting sources and cabinetry must be available and compliant at the time of delivery. Delivery agents are not authorized to perform carpentry plumbing or electrical work.

Installation will not be completed if product installation requirements are not met (ex. no water shut-off valve). Please review our Haier Appliance Requirements for complete details.