Using the SmartHQ™ app, connect your Haier smart microwave to your smartphone and start using our connected features, like Remote Enable or Scan-to-Cook. For more information on what you can do with your connected microwave, visit: Haier Smart Microwave - Benefits of the SmartHQ App.

If you use the Remote Enable feature, you can start your microwave from a remote source such as the SmartHQ app or use voice commands from Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. Even with the Remote Enable feature turned off, you will still receive messages from your microwave, you can turn off the microwave, or you can use the timer and clock from your smartphone.


Remote Enable Operation:

  • When the Remote Enable feature is on, you will need to have opened the microwave door within the last 5 minutes. The 5-minute restriction is to help ensure food is in the microwave before starting the cooking cycle.
  • To turn this feature on/off select the Settings button on the control panel and then press “6” to select this feature. Press “1” for Remote Enable On and “0” for Remote Enable Off.