No Preheat Air Fry lets you cook your favorite snack foods with a crispier exterior than when you use traditional oven cooking. The Air Fry mode optimizes heating from the Bake, Broil, and Convection Fan elements to achieve the crispy, healthier fried food results you want without the need of hot oil or a separate fryer. 


For 30" Haier Smart ranges, the Air Fry mode can be added to your cooking options once you connect to your WiFi and our SmartHQ™ app and receive the free Air Fry upgrade. When connected, you can use Air Fry through the SmartHQ™ app. These Haier Smart Ranges are eligible for the Air Fry upgrade. 


When you buy smart cooking appliances powered by the SmartHQ app, it's a good idea to connect them to your home WiFi network to get all of the benefits that having Smart appliances can offer. 


To use:

  1. Turn the knob to APP.

  2. Using the SmartHQ app, set the temperature from the Bake Recipe or Package Bake instructions.

  3. Cook to the time recommended in the Bake Recipe or Package Bake instructions. 


For tips on cooking with No Preheat Air Fry, visit: Haier Range - No Preheat Air Fry Technology