Haier Smart cooking appliances are powered by SmartHQ™.  When you connect your smart appliance to your WiFi using the SmartHQ app, you enable certain features, like remote control, timed cooking cycles, and more.


Connect your smart appliance and keep it connected to get automatic upgrades when they are available, including new features and any performance optimizations. This means your appliance gets better over time and is always up-to-date.


Here's what you need to know...

  • In general, features such as Air Fry and Remote Control, will require a WiFi connection to enable, and will require constant connectivity for use.

  • This applies to 2021 Haier 30" slide-in ranges. Check out our current Haier Smart Ranges.

  • Any performance updates will automatically be pushed to the appliance if your unit is connected. When a new feature upgrade is available, you will be alerted on both the appliance control and the SmartHQ app. Just follow instructions in the SmartHQ app for downloading.

  • Once you start downloading, if your internet connection is slow, it will not prevent you from being able to download the upgrade or to use the oven; it just may take longer to download. If the download is interrupted, the appliance will reconnect when your WiFi network is available again.


What data we collect...

We are interested in how you use your appliances (such as cycles used and any errors) so we can improve the cooking experience. Please reference the SmartHQ Privacy Statement for full details.


For further assistance...

If you don't have WiFi or do not want to connect your wall oven or range, please call the Connected Home Support Line to discuss your options at 1-800-220-6899, Monday-Friday 9am - 11pm ET, Saturday-Sunday 9am - 3pm ET, or email [email protected].