Combining a glossy, bold black hue and the contemporary brushed metal appearance of stainless steel, Black Stainless adds sleekness and originality. It wipes clean in seconds, remaining free from smudges, but full of character.


Haier Black Stainless Steel Appliances


Black Stainless is a shiny finish that is applied and infused to stainless steel using a variety of tested application procedures. The black stainless finish is applied to stainless steel, and like stainless steel, it can be scratched just like any other premium finish. There is no touch up for paint for stainless or Black Stainless; however, all of our premium finishes are tested to high tolerances for a lasting, beautiful finish.


Black Stainless refrigerator doors are magnetic and smudge-proof. To keep the Black Stainless finish looking like new, we do not recommend using magnets on the doors since they can damage the finish.


The Do's and Don'ts for Cleaning Black Stainless Appliances:

Mild detergent / dish soap with warm waterAppliance wax or polish
Soft, clean cloth or spongeStainless steel cleaners (ex. Stainless Steel Magic or Bar Keepers Friend)
Microfiber clothAbrasive cloths, paper towels, scrubbing sponges, scouring or steel wool pads
 Abrasive powders, liquids or sprays
 Window sprays, ammonia or bleach
 Citrus or plant oil-based cleaners
 Acidic or vinegar-based cleaners
 Alkaline cleaners
 Oven cleaners


For specific cleaning instructions, please refer to the Owner's Manual for your model.