If your ductless (split air) air conditioner is running but not cooling, check the following:


  • Verify the unit is in COOL mode and not DRY mode.
  • If the unit is set to COOL, the fan will continue to run even after the room has reached set point. This is normal operation. 
  • Check the air filter on the indoor unit for debris buildup and clean if necessary.
  • Inspect the outdoor unit for anything that might restrict airflow, such as leaves or overgrown shrubbery.
  • If you have more than one indoor unit connected to a single outdoor unit, it may be possible that another indoor unit is operating in HEAT mode. The outdoor can only provide either heating to all indoor units or cooling to all indoor units. It cannot do both simultaneously. Once the room that is heating reaches the set point, the system will switch to cooling. To avoid this, set all indoor units to the same mode of operation, either heat or cool mode.




If you continue to have problems, please contact Haier Appliances at 1-877-337-3639 or visit https://www.haierappliances.com/support/schedule-service to arrange service.