Depending on the cooling power of the unit air conditioners can draw between 5 and 10 amps of current.   


  • It is important to understand that the unit must be connected to a dedicated outlet and plugged in firmly.
  • Do not allow the excessive cord length to apply weight onto the plug, be sure the cord is lying on the floor not suspended by the plug.


An AC socket clamps unto the plugs using spring tension to create a mechanical connection, over time the socket can lose tension causing the connection to become intermittent. The tension on the plug prong from the outlet isn't as snug as it once was. If the tension gets loose, arcing will occur as the load gets heavier and the contact points get hotter. The more it arcs the worse it will get.

The solution is to arrange for an electrician to replace the outlet, a 20 Amp socket recommended as a replacement as it will be able to handle the higher current requirements of the AC unit.