The temperature range will vary by product. In general, the fresh food section will cool to an average temperature between 34 and 41 degrees F, and the freezer temperature will average between -10 and 20 degrees F.

If your refrigerator is not getting cold/cool:


  • Verify the refrigerator is plugged in to a working outlet.
  • Make sure the unit is turned on and that the thermostat control is set to a cold temperature setting.
  • Frequent door openings.
  • Allow time for warm food to reach fresh food temperature.
  • Check gaskets for proper seal.
  • Adjust temperature to a colder setting.


If only the fresh food or only the freezer compartment is not cold/cool:


  • Check to make sure the air vents in the compartment are not obstructed.


If you continue to have problems, please contact Haier Appliances at 1-877-337-3639 or visit to arrange service.