There are a number of reasons why the ice may have an odd or bad taste:


  • If the freezer is new, discard the first 3 batches of ice to clean the ice maker.
  • Old ice cubes. Old or stale ice will absorb food odors.  We do not recommend storing ice cubes for more than 30 days. 
    • If the icemaker hasn't been used for a long time, make 3 batches of ice cubes and throw them away before using the icemaker again.
  • Open food containers, or spilled foods.  Food can transfer odors and tastes to ice. Even food in the refrigerator compartment can transfer an odor or taste to the freezer to cause bad tasting ice.
  • Bad water supply. Sulfur, algae, minerals, salt, etc. in the water supply can cause bad tasting water which results in bad tasting ice.
  • Old water filter.  If you have a water filtration system in your refrigerator, the filter should be replaced every 6 months or as recommended by the owner's manual.