To set the regulator on the beer dispenser:

  1. Close the shut-off valve on the regulator, and open the valve on the gas cylinder completely.

  2. Slowly turn the regulator adjustment screw until the desired pressure is shown on the output pressure gauge. On regulators designed for draft beer, turning clockwise will increase the output pressure; turning counter-clockwise will decrease the output pressure.

  3. Open the shut-off valve on the regulator to allow gas flow from the regulator to the keg coupler. You will hear the keg pressurizing. The output needle will drop momentarily until the pressure has equalized. Then the needle will return to the point that you set it.

  4. The keg coupler is designed with a pressure relief valve (PRV). Pull the ring on the PRV briefly to allow gas to vent. This will permit gas to flow through the regulator and help obtain a more accurate reading on the output pressure gauge.

  5. Re-check the output pressure on the regulator, and if necessary re-adjust using step #2 until the desired pressure is shown. Follow up any adjustment to the regulator with a brief pull of the PRV ring to ensure an accurate output reading.