Bottle Storage


  • Bottles are stored horizontally to keep corks moist and swollen. This prevents air from entering the bottle, thus avoiding oxidation.
  • It is always better to have the cellar well stocked. More mass (bottles) controls the temperature better, preventing the compressor from running too frequently due to having to cool an excess volume of space.

Temperature and Humidity Settings


  • For red wines, maintain  55 - 60 degrees F (55F ideal) and humidity between 60% and 75%.
  • Sparkling wines and most white wines generally develop at a faster rate than reds, and can be stored at lower temperatures (45-55 degrees F) to slow the maturation and provide a longer "drinking window."

Storage Times for Opened Wine (Very general aging guidelines for corked bottles of opened wine)

 Wine  Aging Guidelines
 Sparkling Wine  1-3 Days
 Light White Wine  5-7 Days
 Rose´ Wine  5-7 Days
 Full Bodied White Wine  3-5 Days
 Red Wine  3-5 Days
 Fortified Wine*  28 Days


* Ex. Port, Sherry, Marsala, and Madeiras wines

Storage Times for Unopened Wine (Very general aging guidelines for unopened wine)


 Aging Guidelines

Barolo 5-15 Years
 Bordeaux 5-15 Years (or Longer)
 Burgundy 2-10 Years
Cabernet Sauvignon 3-10 Years
 Chianti  0-5 Years
 Merlot  0-5 Years
 Pinot Noir  1-6 Years
 Port - Vintage  10-30 Years
 Rioja  3-10 Years
 Syrah  5-10 Years
 Zinfandel Red  1-5 Years