If your dishes are not getting cleaned well or have remnants of food stuck to the dishes, glasses, or cutlery, first make sure make sure the dishwasher was loaded properly. If the jets on the spray are blocked, water may not reach all parts of the dishes. etc.

Causes for blocked jets are:


  • Too many items in the rack or cutlery basket and the items were touching each other.
  • Rotation of spray arm was obstructed by dishes, etc. Large items can often block the water spray. Check the spray arms to make sure they are free to rotate with the baskets pushed fully in.
  • Nozzles in spray arm are blocked by remnants of food. Check the nozzles on the spray arms for any debris that might be preventing proper spray action.
  • The circulation pump is jammed or blocked with food remnants.

Proper loading:


  • Large pans or dishes may block the water flow. These should be placed on the edges of the rack to achieve best performance.
  • Cutlery should be loaded into the cutlery basket with the end that touches the food facing up. This promotes better water circulation.
  • Plates, dishes and cookware should have exposed surfaces facing the spray arms on the lower rack.
  • Pots should be placed upside down.
  • Cutting boards should be placed on the outermost part of the lower rack, making sure not to block the detergent dispenser.
  • Load glasses mugs and cups on the upper rack, making sure to leave space between them as the water spray can cause them to shift.  
  • Don't let large items cover small items, like cups or upside-down flatware.

If there is still food on the dishes:


  • Verify the proper amount of detergent is being used with each load. Make sure the detergent is fresh.
  • Try a different type of detergent:

    • Enzyme based detergents will soften and dissolve protein-based food deposits, like meats, eggs, and cheese.
    • Chlorine-based detergents are better at removing stains like tomato sauces.
    • NOTE: do not mix Enzyme and Chlorine based detergent.
  • The selected wash program was not intensive enough. Quick washes are just that, quick; use a Normal or Intensive wash program.
  • Check the temperature of the hot water heater it should be 120 degrees F.