It is normal to experience any of the following with a microwave oven:

Steam or vapor escaping from around the door. 


  • This does not mean that the unit is leaking microwave energy. The door is designed to allow heat and steam to escape to prevent the overheating of the unit.
  • It is normal to see some condensation between the door panels, unless the condensation does not dissipate within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Moisture should dissipate in ten to fifteen minutes. Allow the door to stand open for approximately 15 minutes to accelerate the dissipation of the moisture.


Light reflection around door or outer case.


  • The light is located outside the oven cavity and can reflect light out around the hinge, door, outer case, and oven lamp access cover.


Dull thumping sound or hum while cooking at power levels other than high.


  • When using a power level other than HIGH or 10 the magnetron tube cycles on and off to obtain the lower power.
  • This cycling of the magnetron tube causes this dull thumping, pulsating, or humming noise.