As long as the unit is installed and leveled properly, this unit should not drip inside the home. If the unit is leaking, check the exhaust vent and whether the unit is level.

Exhaust Vent Connections


  • Ensure the exhaust hose couplings are inserted properly. Any air leakage inside the room can lead to inefficient operation and moisture build up.
  • If installed properly, it should be able to withstand rain blowing into the exhaust vent opening. Make sure the hose has at least some portion of its length on the floor below the output of the unit.



  • The unit should not leak when full. It has a moisture collection tank inside the unit that needs to be emptied occasionally. The unit will show STOP in the display when the tank needs to be emptied. The unit will not run again until the tank is emptied.
  • Make sure the unit is on a flat, level surface. If the floor is not level or the unit is placed on thick carpet, it will cause the water in the internal tray (tank) to flow to one side. This will bypass the "water full" safety mechanism and the unit will not automatically shut off.

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