Error and fault codes help a technician diagnose issues with the combination washer / dryer. If the unit is displaying an error, check the chart below for possible error code resolutions:

Fault Code  Description/Reason Solutions
Err1 Door not closed

Verify the door is closing properly and the latch is closing completely. Service may be required.

Err2 Not draining

Verify the drain pump filter is clear (accessible through door at bottom of unit). Also verify the drain hose is not pushed too far into the standpipe and is not kinked or crimped.

 Err5 Unit not sensing a full water fill Make sure both water lines are connected, not kinked or cramped, and and supply valves are turned on. Flood-safe inlet hoses should NOT be used - they restrict water flow.
Err7   Service is required.
Err8   Service is required.
Err9   Service is required.
E10   Service is required.
E13  Caused by buildup of lint Possibly be eliminated by washing and drying single dish towel or similar sized garment and adding a cup of white vinegar to the drum. White vinegar allows the fibers to break down, reducing lint in the unit. Also, make sure unit is connected to cold water properly.
E1 Washer cannot drain the water within 4 minutes Clear the pump. Service is required.
E2 Cannot lock the door after 20 seconds Service is required.
E4 After 8 min, the selected water level has not been reached. Check plumbing and water hose connections. Service is required.
E8 Water level above the warning level Service is required.
F7 Motor circuit error Service is required.
F9 Dryer sensor circuit problem  Service is required.
FA Water level sensor circuit
Service is required.
FC No feedback signal from driver unit Service is required.
Fd Dryer heating is abnormal Service is required.
FE Dryer motor is abnormal Service is required.
Unb Unbalanced load Spin unit on low speed and cancel drying. Evenly distribute clothing in the wash basket.

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