Because of the size and capacity of a combination washer dryer, less detergent should be used. In general, take the amount of detergent recommended by the soap manufacturer and reduce is by 75%. If the detergent manufacturer recommends 1 cup,for example, use 1/4 cup. Always use HE (high-efficiency) soap.


Single use laundry detergent pods are designed to be used in full size washers. The amount of water used and load size make using single-use detergent packages both inefficient and wasteful. Using them in a combination washer dryer might also introduce excessive suds.


Powered detergent is recommended. The design of the Washer/Dryer Combination unit integrates a unique detergent dispenser which mixes the detergent with water during the wash cycle to improve wash performance. Using liquid detergent (soap) can, in some cases, over dilute the detergent mixture reducing wash performance. If liquid detergent is used, pour it into the drum before adding clothes to prevent spotting. Be sure to use High efficiency (HE) detergent.


The liquid softener balls are designed for full size washers reduce the amount of softener being used to half.