If the dryer is taking to long to dry:


  • Choose the right setting for the clothes and load size. 

    • The automatic  Normal dry cycle uses a medium dry temperature. If you are drying a heavier load like jeans or towels, you might want to use timed drying and select High dryer temperature setting instead of automatic dry mode.
    • Different materials require different settings. In general, use high heat for jeans, towels, and other heavy fabrics; medium heat for synthetic materials like polyester; and low heat for delicate items like lingerie.
  • The unit may be overloaded.

    • Do not load more than half full.
    • The capacity of your dryer should be approximately twice the capacity of your washer.
    • Bulky or heaver items may be more difficult to dry, like bedding.
  • Be diligent about removing dryer lint. Empty the lint trap on the dryer before every single load. If you don't do this, you reduce the warm air flow around the clothes, increasing the time the dryer has to run to get your clothes to the same level of dryness.
  • Dryer sheets can leave a film on the filter that reduces air flow and, over time, can affect the performance of the motor. Use a soft bristle brush to scrub clean the lint filter screen once a month.
  • Remove obstructions from the external dryer vent. Lift up the vent and make sure there’s no lint or anything else built up inside that vent. You are trying to improve the air flow of the moist air (the moisture that’s being removed from the clothes). 
  • Check the length of the exhaust duct.
  • The load may need to be resorted. Heavy or bulky clothes or items may need to be separated from regular clothes.
  • Shake out clothes before you put them in the dryer. This increases the surface area of the clothes so that more warm air comes in contact with the clothes in the dryer, making them dry faster, reducing the time and the amount of energy used when your dryer is running.

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