For Haier Major Appliances


In the unlikely event your product should develop a fault due to a manufacturing defect, the cost of any spare parts or labor required to correct the defect is fully covered within the warranty period.


  • Haier appliances used in a moving vehicle (ex. RV, Semi truck, boat, etc.) are covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

  • Haier appliances are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty if they have been refurbished (repaired and resold).


For Haier Ductless (Split Air) Air Conditioners


  • All Haier ductless products come with a standard warranty. The warranty varies by model. Our most popular model has a five-year warranty for the indoor unit and seven-year warranty for the compressor.

  • By registering your products within 60 days of installation, you will qualify for a Standard Registered Warranty, which includes a limited ten-year warranty for both the indoor unit and the compressor. Not all models qualify.

View the full ductless warranty details.