Loading Instructions for Top Load Washers:


  1. Separate your delicate washables by color and place them in mesh laundry bags.

  2. Fasten all snaps and buttons on each garment.

  3. Pull up all zippers.

  4. Turn any clothing items with studs or protruding decorative items inside out.

  5. Remove any belts, detachable hoods, collars or other items that might provide a space for another item to tangle through it.

  6. Load washer one item or mesh bag at a time, taking care not to overload the washer. Hold long items at one end and drape them around the agitator.

  7. Set your water level, load size and wash type.


Note: Do not load the washer tub more than 75% full. Overloading the washer not only can damage the unit but it also reduces the cleaning power and will not allow the unit to spin the water away. Proper loading will reduce the dry time required.