If the dehumidifier is not working or coming on, check  the following:


  • Make sure the plug is pushed completely into the outlet.
  • Check the power outlet to ensure it is working properly by plugging another item into the outlet. Also check the house fuse/circuit breaker.
  • The bucket may be full. The unit will not run once the bucket is full.
  • The bucket may be out of position or not pushed in all the way. Take out the bucket and reinstall.
  • Remove the bucket and make sure the float is snapped into place.
  • When the ambient temperature is above 95F or below 41F, the unit will shut off. This protects the compressor. to restart the dehumidifier, wait three minutes and turn the unit back on.  
  • The unit may be in Auto Defrost mode. When the room temperature is below 60F, there may be ice forming on the coils. The unit will stop and go into Auto Defrost Mode to remove the ice before dehumidifying again.

If you continue to have problems, please contact Haier Appliances at 1-877-337-3639 or visit https://www.haierappliances.com/support/schedule-service to arrange service.