On compact refrigerators with reversible doors:

  1. Remove any loose items in the refrigerator and carefully turn refrigerator on its back.
  2. Remove the top hinge cover using a flat head screw driver and gently push up.
  3. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, loosen and remove the screws holding the top hinge in place.
  4. Remove top hinge and carefully lift off the door.
  5. Remove the screw hole plugs from the opposite side and insert the plugs in the screw hole openings of the just removed screws.
  6. Remove both front leveling legs.
  7. Loosen the screws holding the lower hinge bracket to the refrigerator and remove screws and bracket.
  8. Align lower hinge bracket on opposite side and insert screws into the holes.
  9. Align hole in the door with the door pin in lower hinge and gently push down until firm.
  10. Re-install both leveling legs.
  11. Align upper hinge bracket with screw holes, insert screws and partially secure, check that door and cabinet are properly aligned and then secure tightly.
  12. Replace top hinge cover.