3.5 cu ft chest freezers have casters (wheels) that can be installed upon installation. Depending on your model, the freezer comes with either 4 or 6 casters (packaged with a screwdriver and screws [1 per caster] inside the freezer).

To install the casters:

  1. Open the freezer lid, remove the baskets, casters, screwdriver and other accessories.

  2. Using two or more people, gently lay the freezer onto its back.

  3. Orient each caster so that the hole in the caster mounting plate will align with the hole located in each corner of the cabinet bottom.

    • The casters with locks should be installed on the front corners of the freezer.

    • Freezer models with 6 casters - Install a caster to each of the four corners, and also install a caster in the center front and center back of the freezer.

  4. Slide each caster into the caster brackets until the holes align.

    • Each caster will slide into the corner brackets from a different direction.

    • It may be necessary to lift the bottom of the freezer slightly to insert the rear casters into their brackets.

  5. Using one screw per caster, fasten the caster to the freezer bottom. Repeat for the remaining casters.

  6. Using the screwdriver (provided), completely tighten the screws.

  7. Using two or more people, gently lift the freezer to an upright position.

  8. Move the freezer to its final location, and then lock the casters (step on each front caster lock) to keep the freezer from rolling.