The actual internal temperature in a thermoelectric wine cellar is dependent on the room temperature.


About the temperature control:

  • When first plugged in, the LED will display the room temperature. Then, the internal temperature will appear in the display.

  • Wait at least 30 minutes to allow the wine cellar to acclimatize before making any temperature adjustments.

  • Set the control to the desired temperature within the range of 50°F to 66°F (10°C to
    19°C). You can set the temperature within a temperature range, but the wine cellar may not reach the preset temperature.

  • The wine cellar will not operate if the room temperature is colder than the wine cellar set temperature. Cooling will begin when the room temperature becomes warmer than the wine cooler set temperature.

To Adjust the Temperature: Press the Up arrow to Increase temperature; press the Down arrow to Decrease temperature.