The door hinges are factory installed on the right-hand side. If you want the doors to open from the opposite direction, you can reverse the door swing.

Reversing the door:

  1. Before you begin, unplug the refrigerator, or disconnect power.
  2. The door is heavy and fragile and the door front is glass. To avoid door glass breakage, use both hands and grasp only the sides of the door to remove.
  3. Using two or more people, gently lay the beverage center on its back.
  4. Using a 5/16" hex-head wrench, remove the three hexagonal screws fastening the bottom hinge to the cabinet, and set aside.
  5. Remove the bottom hinge and the two washers. Set the washers aside.
  6. Using a 3 mm hex key, remove the hinge pin from the bottom hinge, and then reinstall the hinge pin in the hole next to the hole from which it was removed. Replace the two washers.
  7. Remove the screw from the bottom of the cabinet and move it to the matching hole on the opposite side.
  8. Using a putty knife, gently pry upward on the back edge of the top hinge cover to remove.
  9. Using a 5/16" hex-head wrench, remove the two screws fastening the top hinge, and then remove the hinge.
  10. Using the putty knife remove the hole plug from the door and the two hole plugs from the cabinet, and then replace them in the holes remaining from removing the top hinge.
  11. Reinstall the top hinge on the opposite side. Replace the top hinge cover.
  12. Stand the beverage center upright, and check that the door is aligned with the cabinet.


If the top of the door is not aligned with the cabinet, loosen the top hinge screws, adjust door and re-tighten top hinge screws.