All installations must be in accordance with local plumbing code requirements. Professional installation is recommended.

Water Supply:


  • Installation of the ice maker requires a cold water supply inlet of ¼-in. (6.35mm) soft copper tubing with a shut-off valve and requires a continuous water supply with a minimum pressure of 15 psig and a static pressure not to exceed 80 psig.

  • The temperature of the water feeding into the ice maker should be between 41°F (5°C) and 90°F (32°C) for proper operation.

  • It is strongly recommended that a water filter be used. A filter, if it is of the proper type, can remove taste and odors as well as particles. Softened water may result in white, mushy cubes that stick together. Deionized water is not recommended.

Drain Hose


  • You must connect the drain line before using the ice maker.

  • If there is a drain line near the ice maker, the best choice is to drain water to the floor drain using the drain water hose provided with ice maker.

  • Locate the floor drain near the ice maker. The distance should be less than 5 feet since the length of the long drain water hose provided with the ice maker is about 5 feet.

  • Never allow the drain hose to hang or loop higher than the floor of the ice storage bin. All horizontal runs of drain lines must have a fall of ¼” per foot. An air gap will likely be required between the ice maker drain hose and the drain/waste receptacle. A standpipe with a trap below it would be acceptable for the drain/waste receptacle, as well as a floor drain.

  • If this is not possible, the use of a condensate pump is recommended.

    • Drain hose diameter from pump is 3/8".

    • Recommended drain pump: Little Giant model VCMX-20ULS (554530) can be purchased though Industromart Dist. 1-877-869-0200.

Note: When you connect the water supply hose and the drain hose, pay attention to the indications of “Water inlet” and “Drain outlet” on the ice maker.