Before you begin, unplug the ice maker or disconnect power at the home's circuit breaker.

To remove door from hinges:

  1. Using a flathead screwdriver, separate the axis pin from the top hinge (Hinge 1). Set aside pin.

  2. Open the door about 20° around the axis pin of the bottom hinge (Hinge 2).

  3. Lift the door off the bottom hinge and set door aside.

  4. Using a flathead screwdriver, remove the plug buttons from the screw holes opposite the door hinges, at the top and bottom. Set aside.

  5. Replace the axis on the door Hinge 1 and tighten it firmly. Remove door Hinge 1 (from the top of the unit) and place it on the opposite side at as the bottom hinge.

  6. Remove door Hinge 2 and place it on the opposite side at the top.  Separate the axis from Hinge 2 and set the pin aside.

  7. Align the door on the bottom hinge pin. The door handle should be opposite of the hinge.

  8. Replace axis on the top hinge so that it holds the door.

  9. Tighten it firmly.

  10. Push the plug buttons into the original screw holes.