If the ice maker is not running or not making ice:

No Power


  • Make sure the unit is plugged into a working outlet and that the house circuit breaker (or fuse) has not blown/tripped. Reset breaker or replace the fuse. If this occurs again, service may be required.

  • Verify the unit is turned on.

No Ice / Slow Ice


  • The unit will stop making ice when it is full. If the red Bin Full light has come one, remove some ice cubes.

  • A dirty or clogged condenser prevents proper airflow, reduces ice making capacity, and causes higher than recommended operating temperatures that may lead to the unit stopping. Clean at least once every six months

    1. Unplug the ice maker or disconnect power.

    2. Gently pull off the lower front louver.

    3. Vacuum dirt and lint from the condenser and the unit compartment with the vacuum's brush attachment

    4. Reassemble the lower front louver and plug in the ice maker.

  • Room temperature is too cool or too warm.  Make sure the unit is in a well ventilated area with temperatures above 50°F  and below 100°F. Cut off the electricity and leave the ice maker disconnected until the temperature returns to within the stated range.

  • Improper installation. Check the air clearance around the unit.

  • If a filter was placed on the water line, the filter may need to be replaced.

  • Make sure water is turned on and at least 15 psig.

Not Filling


  • The water supply tap is turned off.

  • The water supply pipe is not properly connected. Check the Owner's Manual for proper installation.