Possible error codes for Portable Washers:

dO, E0 or E2 - indicates the lid switch is detected as open


  • Verify the lid is closed properly.


dd -   actually not an error code


  • When this code occurs during a spin cycle, check door (lid) to make sure it is closed properly and/or check to make sure load is balanced (redistribute clothes).


E1 or E6 - indicates an issue with the drain


  • Verify the drain pump filter (where applicable) is clear (the filter is accessible through the door at the bottom of the unit).

  • Verify the drain hose is not pushed too far into the standpipe (Siphon condition).

  • Verify the drain hose is not kinked or crimped.


E3 - indicates an issue with the spin


  • Verify the drum is not over filled with garments.
  • Verify the unit is level (level means that all four legs of the unit are supporting weight).


E4 - Indicates an issue with filling


  • Verify the water is turned on to the washer.
  • Make sure the water pressure is not too low. 


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