Conventional versus Convection:


  • In a conventional oven: The heat sources cycle on and off to maintain an average temperature in the oven cavity. As the temperature gradually rises and falls, gentle air currents are produced within the oven. This natural convection tends to be inefficient because the currents are irregular and slow.
  • True European Convection: Provides state-of-the-art engineering and advanced design to create the finest convection oven. In standard convection ovens, a fan simply circulates the hot air around the food. A True European system is a combination of an additional heating element located around the convection fan and the venting panel that distributes heated air in three dimensions: along the sides, the top and the full depth of the oven cavity.

Why use True European Convection?


Operation: This system aids in maintaining a more even oven temperature throughout the oven cavity. The circulating air aids in speeding up the baking process and cooks the food more evenly. By controlling the movement of heated air, convection cooking produces evenly browned foods that are crispy on the outside yet moist inside.


Food Performance: Convection cooking works best for breads and pastries as well as meats and poultry. Air leavened foods like angel food cakes, souffles and cream puffs rise higher than in a conventional oven. Meats stay juicy and tender while the outside is flavorful and crisp. For best results, foods should be cooked uncovered, in low-sided pans to take advantage of the forced air circulation.


Time Saver: By using European Convection, foods can be cooked at a lower temperature and cooking times can be shorter. When using this mode, the standard oven temperature should be lowered by 25°F. When using the Convection Roast mode, the standard oven temperature does not need to be reduced. Foods requiring less cooking time should be checked slightly earlier than normal.

Benefits of Convection Cooking:


  • Even baking, browning and crisping are achieved.
  • During roasting, juices and flavors are sealed in while the exterior is crisp.
  • Yeast breads are lighter, more evenly textured, more golden and crustier.
  • Air-leavened foods such as cream puffs, souffles and meringues are higher and lighter.
  • Baking on multiple racks at the same time is possible with even results.
  • Multiple-rack baking saves time.
  • Prepare whole meals at once with no flavor transfer.
  • Dehydrates herbs, fruits and vegetables.
  • Requires no specialized bake ware.
  • Saves time and energy.
  • Convection broiling allows for extraordinary grilling with thicker cuts of food.