Installation Considerations:


  • The washer must be installed on a solid floor to minimize vibration during the spin cycle.
  • A suitable location is protected from direct sunlight and heat sources such as radiators, baseboard heaters, cooking appliances, etc.
  • Do not install on carpeting.
  • Hot and cold water faucets must be present within 3ft. of the hot and cold connections on the washer.
  • This appliance must be operated at room temperature. Do not install or operate this appliance in an area where the ambient temperature can fall below freezing.



  • Provide proper air clearances. To ensure your washer/dryer works at the maximum efficiency it was designed for, you should install it in a location where there is proper air circulation and electrical connections. Check the Owner's Manual for the recommended clearances for your specific model.
  • Front ventilation openings are required for closet installations: 24 square inches x  3 inches from bottom. 48 square inches-3 inch from top. Louvered door with equivalent openings is acceptable.