The Cassette Indoor Air Handler consists of a cassette assembly and operational louver.


  • It is mounted to the building structure using threaded rods that fit into brackets that are located at all four corners of the cassette assembly. The threaded rods should have washers and nuts (not included) to allow the height and level of the cassette to be adjusted.

  • The Cassette unit will install between standard dropped ceiling grids.

  • Included with the cassette unit is factory provided insulating tape. This tape should be placed over the refrigerant piping connections at the indoor unit to prevent sweating.


  • The Cassette unit receives 230 volt line voltage from a connection at the outdoor condensing unit. There is no requirement for independent line voltage connections.

  • Route required electrical power to area where cassette is to be located. Maintain at least a 10 foot separation between TV and Radio wiring and the power to the indoor unit.

  • 14 Gauge AWG stranded wire should be used to make the electrical connection between indoor and outdoor units. This wiring will serve to power the indoor unit and establish a communication link between indoor and outdoor units.


  • Be certain to maintain proper clearances around the Cassette as specified in the Installation Instructions.

  • Standard clearances for cassette air handlers require 5 feet of clearance in each direction. There should be 8 feet of clearance from the face of the cassette louver to the temperature control problems.

  • Make sure there are adequate clearances for future maintenance and service. Allow enough room to access the condensate pump assembly and the electrical control box.


  • The unit is operated via a factory supplied remote control. This includes the motorized louver

  • A wired controller is optional.

Pump (for Condensate)

  • The Cassette unit has a built in condensate pump and associated float switch that manages the operation of the condensate pump. There is no option for gravity drain.

  • The condensate pump is rated to lift water up to 24” from the point of discharge on the Cassette assembly.

  • A flexible gray hose with clamp is included with the Cassette unit. This hose connects the cassette condensate drain outlet to the building's condensate drain system. The hose is connected to the cassette assembly discharge hose port. The other end of the hose is sized to accept 3/4 “ PVC piping.


  • The louver has indicator lights that communicate function and diagnostic information to the user and service technician.

  • Optional fresh air can be piped into the cassette assembly. The knockout is located on the side of the cassette assembly.

    • If fresh air is desired, be certain to filter the air prior to it entering the cassette.

    • A 4” galvanized pipe should be used to pipe in the fresh air.