Dryer exhaust vent recommendations:


  • Use 4” round duct. Larger ducts reduce the air velocity and increases lint deposits on the inside of the ducting.

  • Dryer ducting used must be UL-listed and should be either rigid or flexible metal ducting. Rigid is preferred.

DO NOT use:


  • Plastic duct work is no longer approved for a safe installation. The white flexible plastic ducts tend to contract over time where there is a curve and allow less than a 4" diameter at 90 degree turns. Lint tends to build up in these areas and has caused fires in some cases.

  • Foil-type ducting is not recommended.

  • There are numerous internal venting kits and lint trap kits available on the market. They are not recommended for safety reasons. The venting must conform to local codes, any many building codes don't permit internal venting kits. We do not recommend internal venting due to the potential safety risk of fire and combustion.