Air Conditioner Operation Modes:



  • Only the fan runs.
  • Select High, Med or Low fan speed.
  • The display shows the current room temperature.
  • In fan mode, the temperature cannot be set.




  • The fan runs only when cooling is needed. The fan then cycles on for 2 minutes at 10 minute intervals until the temperature in the room is above the set temperature. The compressor then turns back on.
  • The fan will run for 3 minutes after the compressor shuts off.



  • Cools the room.
  • Select High,Med , Low or Auto Cool fan speed and set the temperature.
  • The fan will run continuously in cool mode.



  • Dehumidify mode - Aids in removing humidity from the room.
  • Cannot be used to cool room.
  • In Dehum mode, when the set temperature is close to the ambient temperature, the compressor may stop and the fan will run in low speed only.
    • The thermostat is not adjustable in DEHUM mode.  The unit will cycle the compressor on/off at intervals to maximize moisture removal while minimizing cooling.  The fan is also locked at low speed and cannot be adjusted either.


For model specific information, consult your Owner's Manual. Find your Owner's Manual at: Haier Appliance Support by Product